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Proof of Heaven

Factual Revelations from the Other Side

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A Story of Hope and Inspiration based on True Events

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Did we actually hear what we thought we heard? Marie and I both looked at each other and we weren’t quite sure what we heard. It was a curiosity-wrapped enigma. The meaning of what we heard wasn’t immediately clear. But did make us want to investigate further. What we discovered was surprising .. and a bit startling. The real meaning of what we heard took a little longer to sink in, but when it did – it became crystal clear. We’d been provided with POH from my mother, who had passed on years before. Both Marie and I heard it and another person, my sister, provided the missing information to establish the proof.


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Proof and Facts - How Much Evidence is Really Needed?


What is proof and how much proof do you need to believe something is factual? The answer to that varies widely from person to person and factual validity is sufficed through the eye of the beholder. Some, no matter how much proof is provided, will believe that the proof is adequate, even if it’s materialized right before them.


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Christianity and Psychics .. Are They Compatible?


Is it permissable for Christians to accept prophecies communicated by psychics? Some claim that Christianity states that “psychics” and “mediums” are evil and that we shouldn’t listen to anything they say. In examining the bible verses that discuss psychics, there's no evidence that Christianity says this at all.


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About Near Death Experiences


The miraculous stories about near-death experiences are wonderful and I believe, very true. Their stories biggest weakness is that only the person who has the near-death experience witnesses what they see. There are no corroborating witnesses.

That makes it very easy for skeptics to cast doubt on their near death experience. They’re delusional. They had hypoxia. They were dreaming. And so on. The lack of corroboration makes believing their story a matter of faith - despite the fact that most of stories are very similar. Book Review 
  5 Star ReviewProof of Heaven and it is just that. 
  By helen ridgewel, January 14, 2013 
  An excellent book I would definitely recommend to everyone. Easy to read and absorb. Excellently written - not to be missed. 
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